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Cabin 4C

Hi I’m Amelia. I was the camper from week four all girls week. I was the one who was very worried about leaving my parents on day one, and you were pretty much the one who kept me from going. You said I was gonna have fun and at first I didn’t believe you, but you didn’t lie. I just wanted to thank you for that. Because if I had left I would have never got to experience Olympia and Olympia is AMAZING I’m so thankful that I got to experience it. And having you as a counselor made it 100x better. I remember the day one “get to know me” I also remember the “cake wars” and the face masks one the first night. Me and my teammates still sing the Olympia songs at every single game we go to. I still think of you and Maddy and everyone who changed me. I learned to embrace who I am and be happy with it. I just wanted to thank you so... thanks.

-Amelia, OSC Camper

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