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CIT of the Year

Olympia changed my life, especially this past summer. I was involved in the leadership program and it was the most amazing 3 weeks of my life. The people i met the counselors I had were people I will never forget and will always hold a special place in my heart for them. After my 3 weeks of leadership I was asked back to stay as a CIT (counselor in training) and I was one of those for 4 more weeks. All of the counselors are like my best friends and made me change the way I think and the way I look at life. I never smiled and laughed more then I have in my life then my 7 weeks at Olympia sports camp. I would recommend this camp to anyone because you will always find a mentor there and someone who can help you through your life no matter what your struggle is. All the different sports and programs offered are just fantastic! My friends that I have made are friends that I will have for the rest of my life. They all got me through the tough times and were there for me in the good times. This is place I can call home and always look forward to going back I am happy to say that I will be a full time counselor there this year and I can hardly wait! I love you Olympia Thank you!

-Jane, OSC camper and Staff member

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