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Reaching New Heights

My favourite of many great memories from Olympia is doing the double zip with my counselor Coryn. She is absolutely terrified of heights and hates doing stuff like that, but she promised us she would do the zip line when are cabin went. It was so funny watching her put on her harness and helmet and telling us that she was gonna die. When it was time for us to start climbing I had no problem and started going up, but Coryn, on the other hand, started freaking out and saying she couldn’t do it. I was almost at the top when she had barely started but I could still hear her saying how this is how she was gonna die. Eventually, she made it to the top and when she did she started to scream. At the top Jip and Jerry were there and the three of us could not stop laughing at her. Of course, she didn’t think it was funny and started to scream more, which only made us laugh more. Jerry even started shaking the platform to make her more scared, and it did. After a while of laughing and screaming Coryn was finally ready to go. She sat down on the edge and very nervously scooched off the platform screaming her head off while I jumped off. The whole time she was just yelling and I was just laughing, it was one of the best feelings in the world. I wish every kid could get the opportunity to go to Olympia and experience all the joy it brings.

-Megan Davis, OSC Camper

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