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Reaching Our Goals

I’ve been a camper at Camp Olympia for 4 years now and have had the time of my life every single year! The past 2 years I've been going for week 9 for basketball. I’ve been playing basketball since I was 10 but never thought of playing it competitively until a few years ago. I started extra training and just played the sport more. When I started week 9 in summer 2018 I was so pumped! Although I wasn’t as nearly as experienced as most of the girls in my group, after a few days I could totally feel myself fitting in. I pushed myself like crazy that week, leading me up to making a rep team! I loved the session so much that I did it again this past summer! It helped me achieve my basketball goal in playing my favorite sport more often. I’ve made so many lifelong friends at Olympia and it is a place I can happily call home!

-Zoe Petropoulos, OSC camper

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