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Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone

When I was younger I would not go to sleep away camps because I was too scared to leave my parents for that long. But last summer I went week 9 with some girls from my basketball team! We had so much fun and I regret not going sooner. I learned so much from sessions and met so many people that I still talk to everyday!! I am booked for week 9 again this year and I am so excited, literally counting down the days. there is not one part to dislike about Olympia, you meet so many amazing people and get to do things you wouldn’t be able to do anywhere else. I really recommend Olympia to anyone and I hope someone gets to experience Olympia just like I did. I continue to talk and joke around with my friends about all the funny things we did over the week and the things we did in the cabin. the girls you meet in your cabin become your best friends literally the first day, you become so close with everyone and stay up all night talking! so if someone is looking to make so many amazing memories i really think they should come to Olympia!!!

-Anonymous Camper

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