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The People Who Get Us Through

It was a rough week for me. On the Sunday I found out that my best friend Anna’s dad got diagnosed with cancer so my mood was down. Then on the Wednesday I found out he had passed away. I was so upset and had to miss sessions because of it. But there was one person who really helped me through the week. Dara Curry- pink unit leader. She wasn’t even my own unit leader. She made me feel comfortable talking about my best memories with Anna and gave me a shoulder to cry on. She was the best. I couldn’t thank her enough for getting me through that week.

Maeve Martin- an amazing counselor. From the moment I met her at camp she was my best friend. Who would have known a Scottish international like me would have so much in common with a girl from Niagara Falls. I was able to be myself around her. But there was one night that stood out the most to me. She was on night duty at the 3’s and 4’s and we spent the night talking about our families. Never have I ever opened up so much to someone I had known for such a little time but she made me feel like home. And I thank her for that.

-Ellen, OSC Staff member

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