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Watching a Camper Grow

My name is Abby McDermott. I have attended Olympia sports camp for nine years now, and I can confidently say that this place has made me the person I am today.

I have attended Olympia as a camper, a CIT, and a councilor.

My passion has always been working with kids, and I wanted to be able to give every camper the incredible and life-changing experience that I got when I was growing up.

This past summer I truly got to see the magic of Olympia and how it can drastically change lives.

Seven weeks into the summer my co councilor and I welcomed a young girl into our cabin. The first day I could barely get a word out of her, she wouldn't eat, she was socially distant with the other girls, and did not want to be anywhere near me.

But camp changed this girl. With every activity, campfire, cabin bonding session, or group hug she began to open up and confide in me. She had been in and out of foster homes and therefore had never felt a true sense of belonging and love. And Olympia gave her that. By the end of the week, she had opened up to reveal an energetic, funny, loud, and affectionate girl, begging to stay another week to be with us and at camp. Through this experience, I learned how Olympia can change someone's life. This place brings out the best in people through community and love.

My co-counselor and I worked with Olympia was able to bring her back for another week of camp. She would assure us that both of us, and the whole Olympia community changed her life. And she changed mine.

Olympia is magic. It brings out the best in people and then brings them all together.

-Abby Mcdermott, OSC camper and staff member

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